As a Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master and Certified Massage Therapist, CAMTC #76856. I love helping people reconnect with their innate ability to heal themselves inside and out. I also enjoy intuitively tapping in to help you find healing on the emotional, mental and physical levels.
I was drawn to Reiki through meditation and various synchronicities that showed up in my life. I knew instantly that I needed to learn Reiki and became a Master/Teacher. I have always had an interest in helping people heal emotionally and physically and find that Reiki, Muscle Therapy, Access Bars®, Regenerative Detoxification & Clinical Iridology as well as, Vibrational Sound Therapy, are the perfect ways for me to help people make those connections.

I earned a BA in Sociology and a Minor and Certificate in Gerontology from Sonoma State University. My work experience includes Office Management in Massage Therapy, Orthodontics and being a proud stay at home mom to my two beautiful sons. In addition, I am Certified in Clinical Iridology and Regenerative Detoxification from the International School of Detoxification with Dr. Robert Morse, NP.

Working with the whole person is very important to me. We address the energetic, physical and the emotional aspects of healing. All combine wonderfully together to give the body the quiet space it needs to bring balance and harmony to the whole system. Thus, helping people reconnect with their innate ability to heal themselves through this journey in mind, body, and soul.

I use my intuition to guide me in client sessions and also incorporate herbal botanicals, tuning forks, crystals, buffalo drums, rattle work, essential oils, and energy techniques to support you in your own healing process. My clients have reported feeling calm, relaxed, less pain, balanced, centered and a great sense of wellbeing after a session with me.

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About Amy Lyon

Intuitive Energy Healings

Amy Lyon - CMT - Reiki Master - Detox Specialist

Intuitive Energy Healings